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Volunteering Opportuinities

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, and do something that benefits your local community. If you would like to know more about volunteer opportunities, come in and talk to Brendan or Contact Us.

UKBA Settlement Protection:

If you were given 5 years limited leave as a refugee or with humanitarian protection YOU MUST apply to UKBA for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) BEFORE your leave expires.

Application forms must be sent in the month before your leave is due to end. For example, for leave ending on 30 June 2011, FORMS MUST REACH UKBA between 30 May and 30 June 2011. Application forms can be downloaded here.
The settlement application for refugees / humanitarian protection is free but you must use the correct form SET (Protection Route). It is essential that all the information on the form is accurate and you may want to obtain legal advice to assist you. The Legal Services Commission can give you information about where to obtain free legal advice on 028 9040 8888 or The Law Centre (NI) may also be able to assist or signpost to free advice on 028 9024 4401. Make sure you include all your dependants on the application form and that you include all the necessary evidence and documents. Note that a different application form is required for people who were granted Discretionary Leave (rather than refugee status or humanitarian protection). If you were granted Discretionary Leave then it is a good idea to obtain legal advice before your leave expires (usually 1 – 3 years).

It is extremely important to apply in time. If you do not apply in time you risk being removed from the UK. 

UKBA Integration Loans:

If you wish to make an application to UKBA for an Integration Loan you can find the terms and conditions here.
The conditions are quite detailed but it is important to note the application is assessed and can be refused. Two major considerations are made by UKBA.

  • Firstly – if you have been given leave to remain over 12 months ago the circumstances need to be exceptional as to why an earlier application was not made and it is likely that the application will be refused.
  • Secondly – if you have been in the UK for more than 3 years and have been working and living independently it is likely that the application will be considered as a low priority.

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